Shaolin Kung Fu training at five dragon see in shaolin Training with master Shi Yan Lin

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Only 490 US$ each month of Shaolin Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Qi Gong / Sanda Training or Chinese language course in china (or a combination) incl. accomodation and food !!! Longterm Discount

Tai Chi training in Yun Tai mountain Shaolin Kung Fu training in pagoda forrest


Discount for longterm students training


If you will stay for a longer time, you will get a discount depending on your duration of stay.


Duration of stay Monthly fee
1 - 5 months 490 US$ / month
6 - 11 months 470 US$ / month
12 - 23 months 460 US$ / month
More than 24 months 450 US$ / month

Each additional week (not full months) costs 122,50 US$.

Take a look at this amazing picture book of wonderful yuntai mountain, the place of our school. More

Yuntai Mountain

If you have any question and you want to come to our school, please contact us:

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Master Shi Yan Lin and some of his foreign students. More

Master Shi Yan Lin