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Tai Chi training in Yun Tai mountain Shaolin Kung Fu training in pagoda forrest


YunTai Mountain International Culture And Martial Arts School

The International Kung Fu Training Center - also called Yuntai Mountain Culture And International Martial Arts School - located in Henan province about 70 km away from the capital of Zhengzhou in the county Xiuwu. The nearest major town is Jiaozuo, which can be reached in about 30 minutes.


YunTai Mountain International Culture And Martial Arts School


The school director Xie Xu Yong (Buddhist name Shi Yan Lin) has established the Yun Tai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School. He himself was trained in Shaolin Kung Fu. He has worked in show team and taught foreign students for over 10 years because of his unique achievements. He would like to pass his ideas to his foreign students and his profound knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism.


Yuntai mountain


The school is located on the edge of the huge mountains Yuntai in a large park with fascinating geological rock formations, canyons, spectacular waterfalls and quiet streams.


Red Stone Canyon 

 This park - known as Yuntai Mountain Geological Park - is in the whole world famous for his huge gardens, high overhanging cliff, water falls, cozy valley and 'springing water'. Here in the middle of the nature far away from thousands of Chinese Kung Fu students it is the ideal place to learn Shaolin Kung Fu.

Training in yuntai mountain 

 You can just sit down on a rock, watch the butterflies and listen to the birds ... The ideal place in order to train and to rest in the beautifulness of the nature during the breaks.


Beautiful look


 Training hall in YunTai Mountain International Culture And Martial Arts School


Training hall


Dining hall

Dining hall


Accomodation in comfortable double rooms

Comfortable double room


Shower and toilet in all double rooms

Shower and toilet


3 times meal a day



To see some more spectacular pictures of yuntai mountain - the place of our school - check this amazing picture book of Yuntai Mountain.


Take a look at this amazing picture book of wonderful yuntai mountain, the place of our school. More

Yuntai Mountain

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Master Shi Yan Lin and some of his foreign students. More

Master Shi Yan Lin