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Trainer in our school

Master Trainer - Shi Yan Lin

Shi Yan Lin (buddhistic name), by the local name of Xie Xu Yong, was born in Zou Cheng city, Shandong province. He is one of the first class kungfu master from shaolin with his rich teaching experience on foreign students.

The three-section staff, imitated forms and pudao are his specialities and he also knows a lot of other kungfu skills and styles. At the age of 8 his uncle, who was practising kungfu too, took him to shaolin temple to learn shaolin kungfu. After physical practise and mentally developement he entered Song shan shao lin si wushu school for futher education on science and kungfu theory. "Hard training and endurance are the way to learn real kungfu".


During his studies he got very known in the shaolin area, due to his own efforts of learning English and self developing, including his gentle manners. Since 1996 he is teaching kungfu and he began to make friends with many foreign students. After his visit to many different European countries he is planning to extend the teaching of foreign students for traditional culture exchange.


Master Shi Yan Lin


Three years of researches on kungfu theory and buddhism gave him a chance to preserve his future. Regardless of the big distances he is spreading the shaolin kungfu culture to the world, because deep in his heart, zen and wu are the real resources of his energy and he has devoted himself to the construction of chinese kungfu.


Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Jin - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer


Shi Yan Jin (Shaolin monk ) - Shaolin Kung Fu trainer


2010 - today: Honorary trainer of Belgium and the Netherlands Shaolin Bond
2010: Teaching Kung Fu and Chin Na at the Belgian Royal Military Academy
2006 - 2007: Private lessons teaching Kung Fu and Chin Na to Snoop Dogg
2003 - today: Teaching Kung Fu at Kung Fu schools in The United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Luxemburg
2001 - today: Attained the status of Shaolin Monk, 34th generation Shaolin Kung Fu. His buddhistic name is Shi Yan Jin
1997 - today: Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Shaolin traditional forms: Shaolin Sword, Shaolin Tiger, Iron Qi Gong (Hard Qi Gong)

Shi Hai Bo - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer

Master Shi Yanbo was born in Zoucheng City / Shandong Province. He began his kung fu training in 1998 at Shaolin Temple. He graduated in 2002 and continued training there for another year. In 2002 Master Shi Yanbo also acted in a movie .


Shi Hai Bo - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer

Master Shi Yanbo became a shifu in 2004 and specializing in teaching traditional forms and weapons. He has been recognized as one of the best coaches in Henan Province. His excellent teaching has earned him several awards.

Master Shi Yanbo has also travelled around the world to perform, teach and accompany his students. Master Shi Yanbo seeks to extend the appreciation and understanding of kung fu through out the world.

Jin Long - Sanda Trainer

Master Zhan Jinlong was born in Bozhou City / Anhui Province. After studying kung fu at smaller schools, 1998 he entered Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School to further his studies. He took part in several wushu and sanda competitions before graduating in 2003.


Jin Long - Sanda Trainer

From 2002 to 2006 Master Zhan Jinlong participated in many competitions. He was the champion of the 2003 Summer Sanda Competition at 48 kg. In 2005 Master Zhan Jinlong was the champion at 52 kg at the Henan Province Shaolin International Sanda Competition. In 2006 he won the Shandong Province Tai Mountain Freestyle Cup at 52 kg.

Master Zhan Jinlong began teaching sanda at Yuntai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School.

Shaolin Monk Xie Dong - Tai Chi Trainer


Xie Dong - Tai Chi Trainer

2009 - today: Teaching Tai Chi

2009: Second place in China Tai Chi Competition

2007-2009: Tai Chi Training

1998 - today: Shaolin Kung Fu Training in Shaolin Temple


Yuan Yale - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer

Master Yale Yuan was born in Ruzhou City / Henan Province. He began his shaolin kung fu training in 1999 at Shaolin Temple. In 2001 Master Yale Yuan transferred to Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School and graduated in 2002. As a member of the Shaolin Si Wuseng Performance Team he participated in numerous competitions and performances from 2003 to 2005.


Yuan Yale - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer

Master Yale Yuan became a shifu in 2005. His students have placed in major competitions such as 'Second World Shaolin traditional Competition' and 'Third world Shaolin traditional Competition' in Zhengzhou. They have also gone on to open their own schools in their home countries and to compete and perform international.

Master Yale Yuan has traveled through Europe both to perform and teach. Especially his excelent english allows him to communicate very well with the students, make sure the context of the exercises is well understood. For many students training can become a part of their life; it helps people change their perspective and improve themselves. The most important aspect is to understand kung fu not only as a sport but as an entire culture.



Pudao, sword, drunken stick and zimuyue

Wang Yuan Fang - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer


Wang Yuan Fang - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer

Master Wang Yuan Fang was born in xinxiang yuanyang country / henan province.

2010: The first in International Shaolin WuShu Jie traditional styles

2009: First place in boxing championship in main capital zhengzhou

2002 - today: Shaolin Kung Fu training



Scorpion boxing, nine-section whip, three section stick, whip, shaolin traditional styles

Shi Yan Ling - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer


Shi Yan Ling - Shaolin Kung Fu Trainer


Master Shi Yan Ling was born 1980 in Henan province

2003 - today: Shaolin Kung Fu training

2000-2003: Travelled with the famous kung fu show 'wheel of life' all around the world

1999: First place in International shaolin WuShu Jie equipment

1999: First place in fenncing championships in first wushu association cup game

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