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Only 490 US$ each month of Shaolin Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Qi Gong / Sanda Training or Chinese language course in china (or a combination) incl. accomodation and food !!! Longterm Discount

Tai Chi training in Yun Tai mountain Shaolin Kung Fu training in pagoda forrest


Packing List


The Weather at the school can best be compared to that of middle-northern Europe. Adding a few extra degrees of heat in the summer.


It gets very cold in winter down to minus 10 but normally only minus 0-5. The problem is that the weather all year is very humid so it feels extremely cold even though its only minus 2. There is no indoor heating so the rooms are only a few degrees warmer than outside. The aircondition can be turned on in the evening to blow warm air creating a bearable temperature to sleep in. but it is still cold and it is important that you bring clothes for this. This is how the Chinese do it, so therefore we can do it.


The summers are very warm, up to 38 degrees but normally its 25-32 in high summer (July/august). The trainings are put early and late in the day to avoid the worst heat, but you still have to be careful for dehydration and make sure to get enough salt during the day.

Spring/autumn the best periods to be here weatherwise, the temperatures are average and the training is optimal.

This is a suggestion to what you COULD bring in your suitcase, but many students have done it with both a lot more and a lot less and survived. Many things can be bought here but it might take some time to find the things you need and figure out how to get them in Chinese. If you are only going to stay for a short time it might be best to bring as much as possible from home. If you have special requirements like contact lenses, pronation running shoes or other you might want to bring that from home too. The same goes if your feet are bigger than a size 45 you will have difficulties finding shoes here and clothes if you are taller than 190. For girls, we suggest that you bring good sports bra´s from home as well.

Packing list


Training clothes, underwear and socks. Bring so you only have to wash once a week since it takes a lot of time to do, and in winter it also takes long time to dry.
Good running shoes (running 2-10km a day)
1 towel ( if you need more buy it)
1-2 sets of non training clothes, more is not necessary.


Extra extra t-shirts and socks
an extra training suit. You sweat a lot


2 sets of thermo underwear (more can be bought here if needed)
Thermo socks/wollen socks, if your feet are warm, your warm.
warm hat and thick gloves
FAT cream for your hands (very important)
*sleeping bag for minus degrees
*winter running clothes (tight) for wearing under your regular training clothes.
good running shoes
*thick long pyjamas
Hot water bottle ( it can be bought here, but remember the option, it’s going to save your life)


*Fish oil (very good for your ligaments, is very expensive here)
multivitamins (diet is different here)
pills for “stronger stomach” (the bacteria’s are different here and your stomach might react quite strong)
pills against diarrhea
*protein powder if you’re worried about your muscle mass.
Alcogel ( keep your hands sanitized to prevent sickness)


*Sports tape
*ice packs (they have no freezers here, and therefore no ice for injuries)
*Protection against injuries like knee/ankle bandages/protection
*Books (it can be difficult to find reading material in English here, or any other language than chinese for that matter)


Hepatitis A+B
for summer time Japanese encephalitis could be an option too.
Always consult your doctor before travelling to be sure.

Things marked with * is things that you can bring but might not be necessary for everybody.


Medicine from your home country might work different here due to the changed conditions, if you get sick tell a shifu and they will take you to the hospital.

In the summer drink hot water instead of cold, that will help your body get used to the heat .

If possible try to prepare your body by taking cold showers t home if your going to stay in summer time. Other wise try not to take a cold shower directly after training or take a shower in semi warm water to prevent shocking your body to much.

In winter time you simply don’t shower as often as you do at home, it takes a long time and its very cold and you don’t sweat as much as in summer. So far there is only one hot shower and it is not working like the one you have at home. It is no problem at all, but a lot of us foreigners do not know how to act when we do not have indoor heating and hot showers. The Chinese know how, so listen carefully when they tell you how to treat your body in winter time. One of their golden rules is to wash your hands and feet in warm water every night before bed time, if you have warm feet you will be warm. You have to protect your hands also with hot water once a day and fat cream/oil, if you don’t they will swallow up and begin to crack up into open wounds that won’t heal until you can no longer use them at all.

Drink hot water or tea to keep you warm. The tap water can be used for tea, but not for drinking cold.

To get your hands and face use to the cold also wash them daily in cold water but remember to make sure that both hands and face are completely dry before going outside to prevent frostbites.

Remember to air out your room every day to get a better climate in there.


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