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Only 490 US$ each month of Shaolin Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Qi Gong / Sanda Training or Chinese language course in china (or a combination) incl. accomodation and food !!! Longterm Discount

Tai Chi training in Yun Tai mountain Shaolin Kung Fu training in pagoda forrest



Before you travel to China, you should consider in which periode to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, Modern Wushu, Sanda, Tai Chi & Qi Gong or the Chinese language. So you can be sure that a place will be free in the school when you arrive, you can already make a reservation with your personal data. You do not need to pay the reservation  in any way and there is no payment on due, only the school is notified that you want to come and can plan better. To reserve a place, please click here.


Shaolin Kung Fu in front of world famous shaolin temple



At the age of 18 years a confirmation of the parents is mandatory. Since you should funish the trip all by yourself, we recommend strongly the services of your parents.




Applicants should apply for a X2 visa. If the study duration is not covered by the initial visa approval, your visa can be extended in china. Our school will help you extending visa. You will need an Invitation Letter to obtain a visa. These documents are provided by our school when enrollment has been completed. Please keep in mind, that only chinese government hold the permission to give you a visa.


Through our collaboration with the Chinese University in Jiaozuo, it is for foreign students now possible to obtain a visa up to 3 years. A W202 document can be issued for a fee of $ 100 US$ in advance. After the students  entered the country with the tourist visa , all necessary documents should be procured within 30 days, for example Hospital Check. A student visa can also be issued. The foreign student has to pay for the entire duration of his stay at the school fees in advance, because the school is responsibel for the students in this whole period.



In the case of a doctor or hospital visit, the student must pay all charges in cash. It is strongly advised to buy a travel insurance. The fees will be refunded upon presentation of the receipt. The school assumes no liability for injuries that occurred during training and the stay in school.


Shaolin Kung Fu training



Please remember that you are traveling to a kung fu school in China and not in a holiday hotel, you will find everything you need for life and training in your comfortable double rooms for Chinese conditions in the school, but the comfort is not comparable to European conditions. In the school's shops you can buy everything for daily needs, are in the nearby town clothes and more. Take as few things as possible, because you would like to bring home as many souvenirs as possible and 20 kg of luggage must be quickly exceeded.


Shaolin weapons


Light clothes are recommended, such as T-shirts and trousers in summer, and running shoes.

In winter, you should take your thick warm clothes.

A small first aid kit is recommended, the Chinese medicine also helps  in case of illness very well.



The long and unaccustomed exercise of 6 days a week with short breaks between training sessions is very hard and at least during the first 4 weeks you will feel your muscles ache. The better the fitness, the less problems you will behave in the training. It is not important if your have martial arts experience, but the overall fitness, a good stretch, and most importantly, a strong will to persevere.

You can walk home with her to prepare a lot of stretching and general fitness training. Even stairs / mountain climbing is a good preparation.



You book a flight to Beijing and  take a domestic flight from Beijing to Zhengzhou. As a rule, the earlier you book a flight, the cheaper it is, therefore you should time yourself on your travel dates. The domestic flights can be booked by the travel agency in your home country

The journey from Beijing to Zhengzhou can also be finished by train, but it makes little sense. The airport in Beijing is located outside the city, so you must take a taxi (in Chinese) at the right station, and you (I mean it) must wait a long time and try to get a ticket for today. Often they are sold out, so that a hotel stay is required. Advice: travel by plane, and if you see you safely into the Chinese language and mentality feel, uses the train on the way back.

Once you've booked your flight, your arrival date, arrival time and flight number is sent to us.

The school bus will pick you at the airport in Zhengzhou and bring you to the Yuntai Mountain Culture And International Martial Arts School.


Yuntai mountain - the amazing place of our school



The school fees are paid in the Yuntai Mountain Culture And International Martial Arts School in RMB, US$ or EUR, there are no payments on due. In the next town, a bank is present, you can use your EC or credit card to withdraw money if you do not want to take money in cash when traveling. You can decide whether you initially paid for only one month's school fees and then each extended as necessary or whether you paid for the entire period of the school fees. The longer you stay, the lower the price. Here you'll find a list of discounted prices.

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Yuntai Mountain

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